How Much More Impact (and Income) Could You Make If Your Marketing Wasn't a Mess?

We teach coaches and consultants how to market and monetize their high-ticket programs so they work less and profit more.

Curious about which marketing automation will speed up your sales?

Our clients have amazing solutions and ONE burning question…

How Can We Get More Eyes on Our Content and Offers So We Can Make More Sales?

The Momentum Agency provides done-for-you lead generation and automation so our clients can focus on what they do best without falling prey to the rabbit hole and overwhelm of marketing technology. We’re experts in creating compelling content that positions you as the best solution for your ideal clients.

Consulting services by The Momentum Agency


The Problem: You know you need to consistently market to your audience but without a strategy, content and the automation to support it, it’s taking up way too much time and effort.

How We Help: We find the gaps in your lead generation and sales funnels and fix them. Imagine having compelling content that converts and an automated system for getting it in front of your ideal audience.

Done For You lead generation and marketing support.

Done For You Services

The Problem: You know that marketing is critical to growing your business, but don’t have the time or tech savvy to create, launch, and manage lead generation campaigns. 

How We Help: We design, create and implement your campaign for you. Imagine being able to focus on revenue generating tasks knowing that you’ve got a trusted partner driving traffic to your pipeline. You work less and profit more.

Marketing training for small businesses, ecommerce, brands, and service-based entrepreneurs.


The Problem: You’re great at what you do but need a better understanding of how lead generation, content marketing, and automation works. And you want to know how to implement the right marketing strategies and tools.

How We Help: We have products, courses, and live events. Imagine having the confidence to implement an effective lead generation campaign because you’ve been equipped with the knowledge and skills you need.

Marketing Automation and Content Creation to put your lead generation on autopilot.

Our DFY (Done For You) Packages help you attract and convert better qualified leads. We create:

Lead generation strategy

If you don’t have an audience to sell to, you don’t have a business.

You can have the best solution, products, and services. But if your ideal clients don’t know, like, or trust you – you will continue to go unnoticed, unrecognized, and miss opportunities to grow your business.

We know that marketing tech is not the thing you want to spend your time on. We geek out about marketing – the tech, the metrics, the results. Partnering with the Momentum Agency is a win/win/win – you get world class support, we get to focus on our zone of brilliance, and your clients get the solutions they need.

Word On the Street...

Here’s what people are saying about us!

Tai Goodwin is the most resourceful business coach I have ever met. Her technical skills are excellent and she is an expert at explaining complex information in a way that anyone can understand. She is a master at helping subject matter experts turn their content into courses and workbooks. She helped me design a workbook and college course based on my book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. I never could have completed my project without her. 

As a professional instructional designer, she is an invaluable resource to any infopreneur or teacher looking to develop instructional materials. Her insight into how to design objectives, measurable outcomes, and interactive course components is where she really shines. She is the first resource I would recommend to anyone looking to repurpose content into a series of information products. I could not recommend her more highly.

 – Melinda Emerson. The Small Biz Lady and NY Times Blogger.

MIchele Berg Testimonial

Tai is one of the most knowledgeable and generous people I know.  Her recent webinar on Facebook Ads provided a wealth of information and tidbits I’d never heard before.  I’ve followed her for some time now and she really is an expert when it comes to knowing how to profit more and work less. I have learned so much from her. The course I took was top-notch and really helped me move forward with the whole idea of lead generation as well as passive income and things I could do to improve this area of my business significantly.

-Michele Berg, WordPress Consultant

I found working with Tai to be a productive, awesome experience. Having Tai’s expertise to guide me through my process was definitely money well spent. Tai s a pro — she know’s her stuff. She’s brilliant and knows how to get the most out of you and your sessions. Tai taught me how to professionally put together my first webinar and “Next Steps” in developing my business plan and for that I will always be grateful.

– Vanessa Bennett,

I had the pleasure of learning from Tai as she taught, “Monetize Your Expertise.” For years I have heard the importance of passive income and having your own information product. While most people will tell you to package what you know, Tai approaches it in a much smarter way. She encourages you to first think of your audience and figure out what they want to buy and how they want to buy it. If you are going to go to the effort to create an info-product, learn from Tai so you can have a profitable one.” 

-Deb Brown, Wow Clients Now

You are one conversation away from getting the marketing support that will help you scale faster.

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