101 Online Quiz Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Are you thinking about creating an online quiz for your business?

I created the first quiz for my business in 2013. Back then it was paper-based. Since relaunching it as an online quiz, I’ve been able to use it to grow my email list from just under 2500 subscribers to over 11,700 subscribers – in 4 months.

The right online quiz paired with the right traffic generation strategy can be magic. Here’s a screenshot from my Active Campaign dashboard to prove it:

email list growth

I’ve got another post lined up to tell you about how I used ONE Facebook ad to generate traffic to my quiz. For now, I want to share some ideas for quizzes you can use.

You might be thinking how can I use an online quiz in my business? Or how will it work for a health coach, WordPress consultant, Facebook Strategist, or even a product-based business?

One of my favorite things to do with clients is BrillianceStorming – think of it like brainstorming with a focus on monetization. I did a little BrillianceStorming for you can came up with a list of 101 online quiz ideas for entrepreneurs. You can use these ideas for an online quiz to not only grow your email list, but learn about your audience so you can make data-driven decisions about your products, offers, content, and sales funnels.

Click here to download this list in PDF Format.

Here the list of online quiz ideas for entrepreneurs…

  1. What’s Your Online Marketing IQ?
  2. What Kind of Clients Do You Attract?
  3. What’s Your Marketing Style?
  4. What Type of Resume Should You Create?
  5. What Type of Facebook Ads Should You Use?
  6. What’s Your Video Marketing Style?
  7. Is Your Home Office Optimized?
  8. Is Your Brand Voice Right for your Business?
  9. Are You Following Your Life Purpose?
  10. What’s Your Live Event Style?

  11. Are You a Leader or a Follower? 
  12. What Kind of Leader Are You?
  13. What Kind of Speaker Are You?
  14. How Profit Minded Are You?
  15. What Kind of Workspace Will Inspire You?
  16. How Organized Are You?
  17. What’s Your Time Management Style?
  18. What’s Your Productivity IQ?
  19. What’s Your Online Visibility IQ?
  20. Which Email Platform is Right For You?

  21. What’s Your LinkedIn Profile Score?
  22. Pass or Fail: Your LinkedIn Profile
  23. Pass or Fail: Your Speaker One Sheet
  24. Pass of Fail: Your Online Presence
  25. Are You a Saver, Spender, or Splurger?
  26. What Type of Facebook Group Should You Create?
  27. How SEO Savvy Are You?
  28. What’s Your Internal Motivation Style?
  29. How Sexually Satisfied Are You?
  30. Are You Risk-Averse or a Risk Taker?

  31. Is Your Story Press Release Worthy?
  32. What Kind of Subscription Box Should You Start?
  33. What Type of Eater Are You?
  34. Which Type of Dieter Are You?
  35. Do You Need a Vacation?
  36. What Type of Traveler Are You?
  37. How Recession-Proof Is Your Business?
  38. What’s Your Career Growth Potential?
  39. Are You Ready for a Raise?
  40. Is it time to Get a New Job?

  41. Is Taking a Gap Year Right for You?
  42. Is Homeschooling Right For You?
  43. What’s Your Sales Confidence Level?
  44. How Video Confident Are You?
  45. How’s Your Relationship With Money?
  46. Are You Ready to Date After Divorce?
  47. What’s Your Dating Style?
  48. Which Online Dating App Is For You?
  49. Which Productivity App Should You Use?
  50. What’s Your Selling Style?

  51. Are Balanced or Headed for Burnout?
  52. How Scalable Is Your Business?
  53. What Healing Modality Is Right For You?
  54. Which Passive Income Stream Is Right For You?
  55. Is Your Business Idea Good, Great, or God Awful?
  56. What Type of Videos Should You Create?
  57. What’s The Best Website Builder For You?
  58. What Social Media Platform Is Right For You?
  59. Which Workout Plan is Right For You?
  60. What’s Your Workout Style?

  61. Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
  62. What Essential Oil Should You Buy?
  63. Should You Rent or Buy?
  64. Is the Digital Nomad Life Right For You?
  65. What’s Your Negotiation Style?
  66. What Type of StoryTeller Are You?
  67. What’s Your Email Marketing Style?
  68. What’s Your Copywriting Personality?
  69. What Kind of Investor Are You?
  70. How Strong Are Your Boundaries?

  71. Are You a Lover or a Fighter?
  72. Which Type of Book Should You Write?
  73. Which Type of Planner Is Right For You?
  74. Are You Undercharging?
  75. Are You an Influencer?
  76. How Follow-Worthy Are You?
  77. Is It Time to Sell Your Business?
  78. Are You Ready to Publish Your Book?
  79. What’s Your Hair Type?
  80.  Which Type of Wig Will Work For You?

  81. Which Food Processor Is Right For You?
  82. What Type of Vegetarian Are You?
  83. Are You an Employee or an Entrepreneur?
  84. Is It Time for a Professional Photo Shoot?
  85. Is Pinterest Right for Your Business?
  86. What’s Your Networking Style?
  87.  Are You Ready to Retire?
  88. Are you Ready for a Bank Loan?
  89. Which Type of Funding is Right For Your Business?
  90. Is Group Coaching Right For You?

  91. Are You a People Pleaser?
  92. Which Scent Will Soothe You?
  93. Are You In the Right Job?
  94. How Solid Is Your Marriage?
  95. Does Your Wardrobe Need a Makeover?
  96. Which Aromatherapy Product Is Right For You?
  97. What Kind of Yoga Is Right For You?
  98. Which Kind of Eyelash Extensions Are Right For You?
  99. Which Podcast Platform Is Right For You?
  100. Which Type of Edible Is Right For You?

  101. Building a Team… Who Should You Hire First?

Did you see an online quiz idea that would work for your audience and niche?

Your next step: Create the scoring framework and questions. Let me know how it goes. And if you’d like help with getting your quiz done and in front of your audience, take a look at our DFY (Done-For-You) Quiz Package.



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