Stuck? 25 Brilliant Email Topics to Overcome Marketing Copy Block

Do you use email marketing to nurture leads from “I’m Interested” to “I’m In”? 

Content is still king and email marketing continues to be one of the tops marketing tactics for both business to business and business to consumer models.

One of the frequent questions I get when I speak about marketing and social media is, “What do I write about in an email newsletter?”

Here’s a list of 25 email topics you can use to stay connected with your audience, position yourself as an authority in your field, and provide value to your VIPs (very interested prospects).

Remember to bookmark this post! Whenever you run out of newsletter ideas, come back to this list for inspiration.

  1. Ask your audience a question. What do they think about “Topic X”?
  2. Comment on a recent news event and the impact it has on your field.
  3. Feeling bold? Share a provocative opinion that goes against the grain.
  4. Create a “How To” post:  provide a step-by-step tutorial for newbies to your field.
  5. Review a book in your industry, or a create a synopsis about a book related to your topic.
  6. Share an entertaining and educational story about the turning points in your career.
  7. Write a post that’s a response to an article by an influencer in your industry or niche.
  8. Comment on the state of your industry. What’s going well and what isn’t going well?
  9. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words. Share a picture from a recent event you attended.
  10. Make a prediction on the future. What trends do you see happening in the next 12 months?

  11. Create a special video message and allow your audience to see behind the scenes in your business.
  12. Dispel a myth. Address some common beliefs people hold in your industry that just aren’t true.
  13. Share a YouTube video of someone you admire. Share how their message connects to your own.
  14. Create a poll and share the results. Analyze why you think the results turned out the way it did.
  15. Analyze someone else’s failure. Why did company X or project X fail? What was the key mistake?
  16. Share an industry secret. What are some things that people on the inside know but tend not to share?
  17. Give your audience insight into your thought process. Show them how you get from point A to point B.
  18. Analyze someone else’s success. Why did they make it? What did they do differently than other people?
  19. What are some common questions people have about your topic? Provide answers to those questions in a Q&A post.
  20. Share what you learned from attending an industry event. For example, “What I learned at the ATD Conference this year.”
  21. Do a multi-part post with cliffhangers in between. Write a great post #1, then leave people wanting for more before part 2.
  22. Write about common pitfalls your ideal clients make. Be sure to share a few stories about the mistakes you made just starting out.
  23. Go deep. Take an issue that people really get stuck on and provide an in-depth article that addresses the causes and solutions.
  24. Create an audio recording. Share snippets of your message via MP3 rather than text to create a different type of connection with your audience.
  25. Post an infographic. Take statistics, data and information and put it in graphical form. These get passed around a lot.

Content Repurposing Tip: These newsletter ideas can double as content for your website or blog.

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