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How long have you been doing what you do, and why did you become a Business Growth Strategist?

After starting my entrepreneurial journey in 2002, there are three things that have brought me to where I am today – showing women how to get out of their own way so they can increase their impact and income.

I want to model what's possible; not what you settle for.

I wanted freedom and Flexibility

I was taught that I should graduate high school, graduate college, and then get a good job. So that’s exactly what I did: I worked my way into high-paying jobs in Fortune500 companies like Barnes & Noble and Computer Associates, eventually commanding a 6-figure salary. 

As a salaried employee, I could work 50 or 60  hours a week, not including commute time and my paycheck would still be the same. My two weeks of paid vacation time was subject to approval. Fatigue became my norm: the stress of corporate politics and personalities was draining. 

And the worst: I was so burned out, that I wasn’t fully present for my daughter.

I had a “good” job. But, I was miserable.  I had to make a decision.

Was the relationship, emotional, mental, and physical debt I was racking up worth the 6-figure paycheck? 

For me, the answer was a loud "no".

I need my work to be aligned with my purpose

I could never get excited about helping corporate entities make money while exploiting their workers: most jobs exhaust our talent, overlook our true gifts, and undervalue all that we bring to the table. 

When the work you are doing doesn’t feed your soul – whether it’s paying $30K a year or netting you 6-figures –  it will suck the life and joy from your soul. And every Monday morning becomes another nail in the coffin where your true self is buried.

I know. I was making six-figures working from home for a Fortune500 company AND so unfulfilled that it triggered depression. I started looking to external things and people to try to fill the void caused by holding onto my “good job” instead of pursuing my calling.


There are people who can't step into their purpose, until you step into yours...Girlfriend, It's Your Time!

I was determined to have a business that supported my life and the lifestyle I desired.

I got tired of overworking and under-Earning

When I started out as a coach, I had no idea how to price my services. Sure, I had earned a six-figure salary in corporate America, but asking individuals to pay me – that was scary.

I knew I was brilliant at what I did and had the testimonials to prove it.  What I didn’t have was the money that to reflect it.  It was hard watching other coaches and consultants making more money, having more fun, while I was working crazy hours and barely breaking even.

Frustrated and depressed,  I went back to work. I spent two years at a marketing tech start up while I regrouped and figured things out. Making that pivot was one of the best decisions I made. Was it hard? Absolutely, But it gave me the space to get the clarity about what I really wanted, and more importantly, who I needed to become to have the life and business I desired. 


Confidence + Strategy + Making Up With Money

My journey to creating 5-figure months in my business started with doing the inner work to own my brilliance. I let go of doubt and second-guessing my gifts and upped my confidence (it’s one of the first things we start with in my programs now).

Next, I invested in learning strategies that would empower and equip me to create a profitable business. No more flying by the seat of my pants. No more scrambling wildly trying to do what I saw other people do. I created a business model that aligned to my strengths and how I wanted to work.

And finally, I stopped making my decisions from a place of fear, scarcity, and survival and began practicing the principles of prosperity and the law of attraction. I “made up with money”, and began making choices that invited growth and abundance.

All the strategy and tactics are pointless if you don’t CHANGE YOUR INNER GAME.

The lessons I lived inspired me to teach other women what I’ve learned. I created my Profit Momentum System to equip and empower my clients with the confidence and strategies that will grow their business and their bank accounts. And most importantly, I show them how to renew their relationship with money and wealth so they can fund their vision and lifestyle without burning out or missing out on what matters the most.

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