We geek out about marketing tech, wowing our clients, and getting results.

“If you don’t have an audience to sell to, you don’t have a business.”

We weren’t always an agency.

The Momentum Agency evolved out of a need to help the brilliant visionaries behind great businesses become more bankable.” 

Our clients started their business because they wanted more freedom, more purpose, and more opportunity to create generational wealth. 

Getting bogged down in the weeds of marketing was never first on their list. We get that. We also understand that being a boss means having a trusted partner to outsource to.

Our mission is to implement your marketing so you can stay focused on what you love- what makes you most brilliant – what makes you money.

“All the strategy in the world can’t make up for the lack of execution.”

The Momentum Agency was founded by Tai Goodwin. A former teacher, turned corporate trainer, turned entrepreneur and author, she has always been fascinated with marketing tech and tools.

After coaching and teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs on social media, marketing, and business strategy – it became clear to her that the biggest gap was in implementation.

Her formula for a bankable business is Skills/Knowledge + Problem + People willing to pay you to solve the problem. Applying this she decided to use her skills/knowledge to help small businesses and e-commerce brands generate more leads. 

And in 2019, The Momentum Agency was born.

Click here to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.

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