Generating Leads in 2020: 9 Bankable Ideas You Have To Try + Bonus

What could be better in the new year than implementing some new strategies for generating leads for your business?

We don’t do New Year’s Resolutions – we do Aligned Action Plans! And one of the priorities on the aligned action plan for our clients is generating more qualified leads!

Let’s dive right it!

9 Bankable Ideas for Generating Leads in 2020


1. Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging or guest posting comprises writing and sharing content for another website. Not very fond of ‘giving away’ your content? Then check out why people in 2020 still bet on guest blogging:

  • It builds alliances and strategic partnerships
  • It drives traffic to their website
  • It improves both, domain and page authority
  • It boosts brand visibility, credibility, and awareness

Guest blogging benefits the writer and the sharer. With a little creative repurposing, you can easily reap the benefits of syndicating your content through guest blogging.

2. Influencer Outreach

Leveraging a big name to back your business continues to be effective, especially for e-commerce brands that use Instagram and YouTube. But unless you are taking advantage of your Six Degrees Of Separation to find a star that loves your brand, the price tag associated with celebrity endorsements can be a huge gamble and doesn’t always guarantee a return on the investment. 

But times have changed. Social media platforms have created a new type of celebrity that is more accessible: Influencers.

There’s been much debate about the value and impact of influencer marketing. However, it continues to be an effective approach if it’s the right connection and the relationship with your and their audiences is authentic.

3. Remarketing 

Retarget Marketing or just remarketing, comprises using consensual and non-invasive methods (cookies) to show your ads to your potential clients, and push them through your sales funnel faster and more effectively.

Paid ads combined with a well-thought remarketing campaign have proven to be a highly effective means to reach more audiences in the past few years, and for lead generation in 2020 continues to be an excellent choice. The Momentum Agency uses this strategy brilliantly on Facebook and definitely recommend it to our clients.

According to Elise Dopson in Retargeting 101: Why It’s Essential for Any Marketing Funnel:

Research has shown that 92% of customers don’t purchase on their first visit to a website — which is why you need to follow them around and make sure they enter back into the funnel at the right stage. To do that, you must retarget them with fresh content.

Remarketing is also less costly. It’s cheaper to show ads to a warm audience instead of driving cold traffic which requires a larger ad spend. This is one of the affordable strategies we’ve been able to help our clients with. And speaking about ads…

4. Generating Leads with Facebook Ads

Market trends show that lead generation in 2020 will be absolutely dominated by Facebook ads:

  • Although the average price for an ad had a 2% decrease, ad impressions grew by 34%
  • There are 7 million advertisers on Facebook
  • The average cost-per-click on Facebook is $1.72
  • The potential reach of advertising for Facebook is 1.9 billion

As I shared with you in my post Find Your Next Consulting or Coaching Clients on Facebook, your next clients are probably are on Facebook. So please, look for them, engage with them and show that you are there too!

52 Lead Magnet Ideas5. Share Gated Content and Lead Magnets to Generate Leads

Gated content is free content you deliver in exchange for information, usually email addresses. There also are strategies that require follows or likes on social media in exchange for their gated content.

Aside from qualifying your audience by their interest, gated content and lead magnets redirect solid and organic traffic to your website. By driving people to a post or landing page (also included in this list), people feel more confident about giving their email address and subscribing to your list.

Here is a list of the gated content you need to add to your marketing strategy to boost your lead generation in 2020: 

  • Downloadable PDFs
  • eCourses
  • Email Series 
  • Content Upgrades
  • White Papers
  • Webinars
  • Quiz Results

Click here to download our complete list of 52 digital product ideas. Then next time you’re out of ideas for creating a new lead magnet for the lead generation just pick one from our list.

6. Landing Page Optimization

As I mentioned above, landing pages are also part of a well-thought marketing campaign to boost your lead generation in 2020. Now, what you should do to optimize your landing pages?

First, keep in mind that since your traffic sources will deliver leads in different phases of the buying cycle,  you will need to create different landing pages to engage your prospects where they are. In addition, it’s highly recommendable to play around, tweak and test your on-page elements to detect the best combination for your purpose. This will allow you to figure out what works best early and then out your marketing on autopilot.

7. Video Marketing

Video marketing is another bankable idea to boost your lead generation in 2020. Many entrepreneurs avoid using include video marketing in their campaigns because they say they aren’t comfortable seeing themselves on camera or don’t like their voice.

I’ve discovered that in most cases, there is only ONE real reason behind the excuses: They don’t have a good video marketing strategy. That’s it.

Besides the lack of strategy, they also have the wrong perception of what a video marketing campaign is. Here’s what I’ve observed:

  • Most people think they need to have a specific look or act in a certain way to raise awareness and collect good leads from their video marketing campaigns. 
  • A significant percentage of folks think they need large budgets and hours of time to create good video content.
  • They also overlook or simply don’t understand how SEO works for video marketing, and miss valuable opportunities to drive traffic.

If you are interested in exploring video marketing to generate leads in 2020,  here are a few of our favorite tips: 

  • Allocate your resources. You need top of the line expensive video equipment or editing software to make valuable video content. And you can always hire an expert to help you.
  • Make a simple script. Organize what you want to say. Keep it short, to the point and engaging. We use post-it notes to bullet out what we want to say.
  • Tweak your SEO. Remember to add a great description to your video and use SEO strategies to make it more findable. Do it before publishing, and share it in all your social media accounts.
  • Analyze your metrics and track your results. Your stats will give you a full insight into your campaign’s effectiveness and will show what you need to improve for the next video.

8. PPC Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC marketing through Google Ads in 2020 remains in force as in the past years. As Google is still the undisputed king of the Global Search Engines, it can add tons of value when consistently and strategically used as a lead generation strategy in 2020.

Creating a successful PPC ad campaign requires the following elements: 

  • Keyword Relevance
  • High-level Content 
  • Quality Score
  • Creativity

In addition, PPC campaigns must be closely followed in order to make adjustments if necessary. 

9. Using Native Content to Generate Leads

Last but not least, native paid, premium, branded or sponsored content is a bankable idea to strengthening your lead generation. This means paying external websites (a third-party, external publisher, etc.) to share and distribute your content. Native content is content that has:

  • Been created to fit with the third-party’s website 
  • Passed through curation for a specific audience
  • Only been publish it an external website (not on your website or social platforms.

Name it as you want, the purpose continues to be the same: Paying for a space on a different website from your own to boost your brand awareness and collect targeted lead.

BONUS: Other Ideas for Generating Leads in 2020 you should try

Content Curation

Content Curation is picking a topic related to your business and creating a brand new one from different sources while adding your own voice to deliver added value for your customers. 

Besides creating new content with your own voice, content curation should follow a strategy. Here some ideas:

  • Make a “Best of’s” list from an authority or recognized influencer.
  • Curate newsletters from your own content and put them together as a special series.
  • Create an account on Instapaper or Evernote, and save your posts to share later.  

The key here is consistency. Picking excellent posts and never taking time to curate and share them won’t do much for your lead generation in 2020… or on any other year!

Run Contests

I’m pretty sure you can raffle one or two spots of your courses, a full membership, an extended trial, or an upgrade for one of your programs. But wouldn’t it be more interesting if you run a contest instead of just raffling the spots?

If you want to add something different to your lead generation strategy in 2020 and make it really fun for everybody, run a contest. Follow the steps to make it more attractive:

  • Offer a really valuable prize for your contestants
  • Use your social media platforms to spread the voice and collect more leads
  • Create separate landing pages or short links so you know where the traffic is coming from 
  • Be clear about what you’re offering as a prize… and what you are not. 
  • Keep your word… and show you’ve done what you promise!
  • Celebrate with your winners and make it a memorable occasion to make a viral post!

Generating leads with an online quizOnline quizzes 

Online quizzes offer a fun way to hook people with your brand and content. Never underestimate the power of playfulness: More than 3 out of every 4 people have been hooked by a quiz at least once in their lives. 

We’ve used an online quiz to grow our email list by over 400%. They are an on-trend and reliable source to attract leads and segment them. Here are a few things to take into account.

  • Try before choosing 

There are plenty of choices to make online quizzes. My advice here is trying three at the same time, and compare them. Compare how user-friendly, effective, aesthetically pleasing they are along with how well they integrate with your other tools before picking one.

  • Create a solid script 

Your quiz should flow out into different choices that resonate with your community and lead to at least one of your programs, products or services.

  • Intrigue your community

A good headline will surely pique your prospect’s interests. Challenge them, invite them to discover something about themselves, question their beliefs. Do what you need to keep their eyes on you, one quiz headline at the time. 

  • Keep it short

Ideally, people will hook from the headline and make it through every question… as much as you don’t annoy them.  Keep your quiz to no more than 10 questions.

  • Recycle

One of the choices you offer as part of the questionnaire can be the perfect material to create another quiz… or any other content format for your business.

  • Share it on Facebook

There are other social media that have proven to be highly effective, but most of your best leads come from people who love scrolling and relaxing on Facebook. 

  • Measure and filter

Again, your stats and filtering by segments and tags will help you create better marketing programs, content, products, and services. 

Not sure where to start with generating leads? 

A fresh new year deserves the best plan to boost your business and brilliance! We’ve outlined a number of ideas here to help you start generating the best leads in 2020. You can take these ideas and start implementing them on your own, or you can hire us to help you. Click here to book your free Profit Breakthrough Call and learn how we can help you profit more and work less.

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