More Clients By Accident by Tai Goodwin

How to Guarantee You Get More Clients By Accident

More Clients By Accident by Tai Goodwin

If you want to get more clients by accident then the “Fly By The Seat of Your Pants” approach is perfect for you. This simple strategy means that:

  • You don’t have to choose a target audience – you are free to go after anybody and everybody.
  • There are no set services so you customize your offerings for each potential new client.
  • You set your prices based on what you think people can pay you.
  • You only do marketing on days you feel inspired to reach out to people.

This common Fly by the Seat of Your Pants approach doesn’t have any real systems, so you are not constrained by a consistent process for getting clients.

This 100% guarantees that you will get more clients by accident. And if you enjoy working long hours and then guessing how much money you’ll earn each month, then you should get started with this right away.

So, of course, I am joking about getting more clients this way… well kind of.

I’ve met too many brilliant entrepreneurs who are pleasantly surprised at the end of the month when they’ve actually made money.

Hit or miss client attraction means you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table, every month.

Flexibility is really important to me – it’s one of the reasons I became my own boss. But there’s a big difference between flexibility and flying by the seat of your pants. Genuine flexibility in your business never comes at the expense of being profitable.

Photo Credit: Shena Tschofen

This picture from Shena Tschofen, sums up flying by the seat of your pants. It might look pretty, but:

  • you have no real control over where you are going,
  • you are moving, but it’s really slow,
  • most of your time is spent looking at other people and passing by real opportunities, and
  • anything that flies by you has the potential to end your journey and send you plummeting to the ground.

I can guarantee that’s no way to run a sustainable and profitable business.

How would you like to get more clients on purpose?

One of the signs you are using the “flying by the seat of your pants” business model is an inconsistent client base. Or as I like to say: You get clients by accident.

Maybe you’ll get a client from a referral, maybe you’ll meet someone at a networking event, maybe someone will reach out to you via the contact form on your site. I hope all those things are happening for you. I would love to see those things happening for you consistently (I’m sure your bank account would love it too).

When you are intentional about building a profitable business, you have six critical pillars in place:

  • Purpose:

The intention, over-arching mission, and values that drive your business.

  • Defined Outcome:

Clarity about the problem(s) you solve and the results you help your clients get.

  • Clients and Customers:

An audience that is willing and able to pay you to solve the problem they have.

  • Packaging and Pricing:

Delivering and charging for the solution that you provide so that you consistently make a profit.

  • Marketing and Sales:

Having a clear process for how you attract, nurture, convert, and care for your customers.

  • Optimization:

Having systems, processes, and automation in place that increase efficiency.

When you don’t have these pillars firmly in place, your business and your bank account will be like a rollercoaster ride. And unless you enjoy headaches and feeling nauseous at some point you will want to get off the ride and put your feet on solid ground.

These six pillars are areas I address in my coaching programs. Some of my clients need help in just one area, while others work with me on strengthening all of the pillars. Click here to learn more about how I can help you build a bankable business and stop flying by the seat of your pants.


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