Girlfriend, It's Your Time!

Reclaim Your Brilliance and Step Into Your Purpose

You are smart, successful, and living life on your own terms... at least that's what it looks like to everyone else.
The truth is you are in serious need of a transformation. You need a powerful shift that will enable you to release the pain of your past, so that you can boldly pursue what you really want.

If you are doing "all the right things," but still feel disconnected, plagued by self-sabotage and self-doubt, this book will help you:

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    Break free from emotional anchors weighing you down.
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    Break out of negative thought patterns chip away at your self-confidence.
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    Break through self-imposed walls and limitations standing between you and the life you desire.

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Featured Reviews

Akilah S. Richards, Radical Self Expressionist

Get this book and drink it in...

"Tai uses life experience and full self-expression to weave words into quilts of comfort. Get this book. Drink it in. And by all means, allow yourself to be forever transformed." 

- Akilah S. Richards, 
Author, Radical Self-Expression Manifesto

Cameka Smith, The BOSS Network

A must- read...

""This book is a must-read for women ready to break through to the next-level in their life." 

Cameka Smith 

Founder, The BOSS Network 

Grace and Power...

“Two words describe this book Reclaim Your Brilliance – grace and power. With the genuine compassion of a best friend and the unfailing divine belief that all things truly are possible, Tai Goodwin guides the reader out of the darkness of self-doubt, shame, and discouragement and onto the path of rediscovering their own powerful light.” 

Valerie Young, Ed.D., 
Author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women

Tai Goodwin, Business Growth Strategist

About the Author: Tai Goodwin

Believing that the lessons we live divinely position us to sow into the lives others, Tai Goodwin boldly speaks about finding the courage to live and speak your truth. Her own life’s lessons have come from first-hand experience of abuse, dysfunction, and divorce.

In 2009, she made a life-changing decision. She left everything she knew behind and moved half way across the country to Minnesota on a mission to create a better life for herself and her daughter. Now happily remarried, her vision is to help more women see the pain of their past as facets of the brilliance they get to share with the world.

Tai is an author, speaker, and empowerment coach for women ready to reclaim their brilliance and step into the role of Trailblazer. She is also the founder of The Bankable Expert, a consulting firm that focuses on helping experts monetize and market what they know.


Amazon Reviews


"What a great book. Tai beautifully weaves her own stories of triumph over the things inside that were holding her back with practical advice for entrepreneurs. She shows us how to shed the mental blocks so we can step into our brilliant dreams. I feel encouraged and can't wait to make my dreams a reality!"

Deb Brown, Entrepreneur

"What are you waiting for? Girlfriend, It's your Time! is full of priceless wisdom and encouragement to get you moving in the right direction. Tai talks of things like self-sabotage, the blame game, making excuses and offers her wisdom to reclaim your brilliance. Don't wait. Tai shares life lessons and the solutions she's learned. Priceless wisdom."

Lori Rehnelt, Author

"I've attended some of Tai's presentations, which are wonderful. This book made me think about my own projects, and how to move forward. I love the part about not being afraid of failing, because that's how we learn. I have learned not to mull over my failures, but look for the lesson, and move on. I highly recommend this book for the woman who wants to achieve more!"

Sheri Donovan Moore

"The foundation of achieving” your purpose and passion, says author Tai Goodwin in her new book, Girlfriend, It’s Your Time: Reclaiming Your Brilliance and Stepping Into Your Purpose, “is integrity.” She had me with this one sentence, but the rest of her book is a refreshing take on how we can be true to our core values while working toward a dream that is both noble and self-actualizing. As a retired college counselor, I vote for having this book be required reading for all incoming freshmen! Goodwin describes many of us as being “internal contortionists,” trying to please someone else or trying to fit in, while losing total sight of what we need to “cherish” within ourselves. With compassion for others seeking their highest calling, Goodwin tells her own story in a way that prompts her readers to examine their own faulty reasoning and move to a more productive way of approaching life in general and their business endeavors specifically. I love her “From My Heart to Yours” at the end of each chapter, where she offers support in the form of a prayer and some much-appreciated encouragement. It is clear that Goodwin has learned from her own experiences in a way that translates into motivation for others. Her advice speaks from solid common sense and useful problem-solving tactics that have worked for her. I am honored to call Tai a friend, and I recommend this book for anyone who needs a healthy dose of self-esteem building!"

Meg Corrigan, Retired College Counselor, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Sexual Assault Survivor"

"Girlfriend, It's Your Time! OH HOW TRUE! A must read for anyone searching for their purpose and wanting to make changes. Tai herself being an entrepreneur shares her story of obstacles she over came to get where she is today. However, this book is NOT just for those embarking on the entrepreneur path. This is one of those rare books written from the heart, short in length, easily read, and full of thought provoking questions and suggestions. I bought it on Kindle for myself and will be ordering hard copies to give as gifts. Girlfriend, It's Your Time! Reclaim Your Brilliance and Step Into Your Purpose is a book to be held, underlined and read over and over.

Having a Master’s in Counseling, I have read a number of books in similar genres and I must say this is a little master piece overflowing with wisdom. This book will have a place on my special shelf to take out and review time and again. Tai, Great job!"

Colleen Baldrica

"In Girlfriend, It’s Your Time! Tai Goodwin provides a roadmap for moving from being merely bright to being brilliant. Goodwin’s own life presented struggles with trying to live someone else’s dream. She rose above the trappings of position, and struck out on her own. Using her own edict, “Don’t be afraid of failure. Be afraid of living your life by default,” she became successful in her chosen field as an author, speaker, and business coach. Goodwin’s advice for women trying to spread their entrepreneurial wings is solid and substantial. She demonstrates that making decisions must be in alignment with what we value, and goes on to show how to accomplish what is needed to be brilliant in our chosen fields. Well done!"

Gloria V.

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