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Marketing that Works for Service-based Entrepreneurs

Many service-based entrepreneurs struggle with marketing because they think they have to recreate the wheel every time they need marketing ideas.

Innovation is great  – but there is no need to recreate the marketing wheel if you don’t have to. A simple approach to finding marketing ideas is to look what other service-based entrepreneurs are doing and have done in the past. You can learn from their mistakes and their successes. And when the lessons are applied correctly, you are guaranteed a win for you and your VIPs (Very Interested Prospects).

Here’s what to look for: 

  • What are other coaches, consultants and holistic practitioners in your field doing?
  • What trends are you seeing in the services and business that are marketing to you?
  • What approaches to marketing attract you? What repels you or turns you off?
  • Ask trusted friends and colleagues about marketing campaigns and tactics they have found effective or annoying.

In my own research of marketing that works, I have noticed three things that work for service-based solopreneurs:

  1. They learn as much as they can about their VIPs.
  2. They create content that positions them as credible experts in their field.
  3. They focus on consistent authentic connections to their intended audience.

When you employ marketing techniques based on these three pillars, it becomes easy for you to attract who you have been called to serve. In fact you begin to enjoy activities that allow you to educate your VIPs and make them aware of how you can help them. In other words, you can actually begin to enjoy marketing because it’s one more way for you to sow into potential clients.

How can you SHIFT from marketing that misses to marketing that has meaning? Put these ideas into practice:

Get to know your VIPs

No matter how amazing your products and services are, they will not appeal to everyone. Instead of marketing your to people that will never be interested, intentionally focus on those individuals who are willing and able to pay for the solution you offer. Once you achieve success with your ideal audience, you can start looking at markets that are untapped – if you need to. You may find that once you narrow your focus, your practice will fill up.

*If you need help getting clear about your ideal client, grab a copy of Understanding Your Ideal Client. Click here to grab your copy.

Create meaningful content

Trends in marketing are important. But don’t just focus on content or specific formats because they are popular. If you genuinely don’t have anything relevant or unique to say, don’t join the conversation. Instead, create conversations about the things that matter to you. Remember, your audience is following you because they like and trust you. Your unique brilliance is what keeps them attracted and connected – don’t trade that for anything.

Be a leader in your niche

How can you expect customers and clients to trust you, if you don’t know more than they do? You don’t have to know everything, but you do want to stay current with the trends in your niche. You also want to know your products and services inside out, and why they are the best solution for your audience. For products and services you’ve developed on your own, document everything you know about them. For third party products and services, read all the documentation and test them out before you recommend them. When you don’t have an answer, find the appropriate experts to enlighten you and your audience. Knowing how to find the answers is just as important as having the answers.

Marketing is not a necessary evil. It’s a way to connect to the people you’ve been called to serve. If they don’t know about you – they can’t find you. And if they can’t find you, you cannot make an impact on their life.

If you are in the business of changing lives, authentically marketing your brilliance and message is like hanging a “welcome” message to those looking for your light. Use the three tips in this post to up-level your visibility so your ideal clients can find you.

5 thoughts on “Marketing that Works for Service-based Entrepreneurs”

  1. My favorite part of this post? Marketing is not a necessary evil. It’s a way to connect to the people you’ve been called to serve. Exactly how I feel. Marketing is service. You’ve shared some great tips for keeping it in positive perspective! Thanks Tai

    1. Thanks Tanya! Marketing has a bad rep! Too many shady models that lack integrity. There’s a new wave of brilliant women (and men) that are marketing the right way.

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