6 Ways tp Use Online Quizzes

6 Ways to Use Online Quizzes In Your Business

Online quizzes have been around for years. They’ve shown up as personality tests, performance assessments in corporate environments, and questionnaires that companies have used to gather feedback.

Despite the Facebook fiasco around their quiz apps grabbing data, online quizzes will continue to be around for a long time.


Because we love getting feedback about ourselves. It’s in our human nature to have our understanding confirmed or gain new insight about our lives, business, relationships, and behavior.

For coaches, consultants, and experts who market online, online quizzes are the intersection of content marketing, marketing automation, and self-awareness.

Online Quizzes


Let’s look at six ways you can use online quizzes in your business.


#1 – Create a quiz as an opt-in offer

Instead of giving subscribers another ebook to download or video to watch, invite them to take an online quiz. They’ll get immediate feedback in the results you provide and you will get valuable insight into your prospects.  Click here to see an example of one we use.

#2 – Use a quiz to segment subscribers already on your list

Having an email list is great, but what do you really know about the folks on your list? Are they beginners struggling with how to get started? Are they tech-savvy do-it-yourselves? Or are they busy and looking to hire someone because they have more money and less time?

(Quiz & Grow Rich participant Suzanne Feinberg, the founder of PowerVision 360, created a quiz just like this to help to identify who on her list would be ideal prospects for hiring her video production company or taking classes.)

#3 – Use a quiz instead of a survey

Surveys are one-sided. They give you data, but don’t give actionable feedback to the survey takers. If all you want is percentages, as in 74% of the survey takers use Facebook, then go for it.

But if you want insight into how proficiently they use Facebook for marketing, so you can figure out how to help them, a quiz is a better option.

The best quiz software integrates seamlessly with popular email service providers. This makes it easy to use online quizzes to segment subscribers with tags and lists. Also, segmenting your lists allows you to customize your content and offerings, making them specific to your VIPs (Very Interested Prospects).

#4 – You can use a quiz to create a smarter lead nurturing system

This all depends on your questions. If most of your subscribers show that they have a deeper knowledge of a concept, there’s no need to spend your time creating content that explains the basics.

Creating content that is too elementary will be a turnoff to the clients you really want to work with. I’ve seen this happen when my clients end up taking on projects that require tasks they’d rather not do because their clients need it. Why? They’ve been sending out content and offers that are not advanced enough, and as a result, they attract less mature prospects.

#5 – Use an online quiz to help your clients get results faster

A quiz makes it easier to identify gaps in performance, systems, and understanding.

Instead of trying to decipher where folks are or have them guess about their knowledge, competency, and ability, create a quiz – also known as a performance assessment/evaluation to get more accurate feedback

Note: If your Bankable Brilliance Archetype is Guide, this is something you’ll want to add to your toolkit.

FYI – I am certified in both instructional design and human performance improvement. Before starting my business, I worked for two Fortune500 companies designing performance-based training and support solutions. In Quiz & Grow Rich, I do a deeper dive into how quizzes based on performance indicators create greater awareness for your subscribers and prospects, which makes it easier for them to acknowledge that they need your help.

#6 – Use online quizzes to help your clients and customers measure their growth

In the training world, we call these pre and post-assessments. Let’s say I have a prospect take my Growth Alignment Quiz and their BQ (Bankability Quotient) is 45, before working with me.

After we work together for 90 days I give them the quiz again. This time I’d expect them to score much higher. If they don’t, it’s an indicator we haven’t met the objectives we set out to get.

Can you see the value of using an online quiz for marketing and business development?

Next Steps…

There are two ways I can help you create a quiz for your business focused on your audience and your niche or field.

1 – Register for Quiz & Grow Rich, my course that walks you through creating an opt-in quiz funnel to generate leads for your business.

2 – Hire me! We offer DFY Quiz Opt-in Funnel. Whether you are starting from scratch or just need feedback on your questions, help with the technical setup, or suggestions for the how-to follow-up after the quiz, I can help you.

Click here to set up a conversation to explore what will work best for you.

Join the Conversation… How are you using online quizzes in your business?

What additional uses have you discovered for using quizzes in your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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