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Opt-in Leads: 5 Content Formats to Build the Best Mailing List

One of the big questions about generating opt-in leads is, what are the best formats to build the most efficient mailing lists? The truth is that every format has the potential of collecting quality leads.

Not every content format works 100% to collect the best opt-in leads, it all depends on the type of prospects you want to attract.

So, what you probably need to redefine here is:

  • The (Second) Purpose Of Your Mailing Lists

Yes, your mailing lists share the same major purpose: Collecting qualified opt-in leads. However, your services and products have different features, thus, you need to design a different marketing campaign that addresses each of your offerings.

This requires that you to set a separate purpose for each mailing list you build (depending on the type of campaign and its duration) and the formats you choose for attracting qualified opt-in leads.

  • Shortcuts To Simplify And Master Generating Opt-in Leadsn While Creating your Mailing Lists

These tips make more efficient your prospect’s journey into your sales funnel:

    • Keep it Simple

Avoid asking too many details on your initial opt-in form. An effective form should collect only the minimum details such as first and email address. That’s it. The last name and phone number are optional.

    • Be Patient and Smart

If you absolutely need to gather more information from your opt-in leads, you can always ask for it the next time your prospect comes to your site. You will gradually get all the info you need if you are subtle and patient.

    • Create a Subscription Center

A subscription center is a page where prospects can choose the means and frequency of the content they receive. Your subscription center helps you to segment your opt-in leads and minimize the opt-outs.

Content Formats that Build the Best Mailing Lists

According to Opt-In Monster, these are proven content formats that deliver the best results to collect quality opt-in leads:

  • Long-Form Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Video
  • Email Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • White Papers/Reports
  • Webinars
  • Blog Posts
  • Original Research
  • Quizzes and Polls
  • Ebooks
  • Podcasts
  • Checklists
  • Listicles

Want to know which one works better for your specific campaigns? We can help you figure it out. But first, let’s check some basic rules or parameters to make your content formats more attractive.

Mailing Lists: The Do’s and Don’ts to Generate the Best Opt-In Leads

The Dos:

1. Give a solution to ONE Problem

This recommendation is so obvious that we disregard it within the limits of excess or defect, then:

  • In an attempt to seize the opportunity, we offer unrelated/irrelevant information; or

  • We just forget about offering anything useful at all.

Remember that less is more. Keep it simple: Give 1 solution to 1 problem.

2. Solve it Fast and Easily

Allow me to give a practical example here: If your solution comprises offering a webinar to solve a specific issue, then don’t keep your prospects scrolling up and down, going back and forth looking for the subscription link.

Make the registration button to the webinar immediately visible and then deliver what you premise in the simplest way.

3. Must Be Aligned with your Expertise and Know-How

This is about keeping your your voice and brand congruent. Stay away from offering solutions you haven’t tested yourself, or you have no experience in.

Your reputation is the most precious asset you have.

The Don’ts

1. Not having a valuable offer

Every commercial transaction comprises an interchange of items that represent something valuable for each party involved.

Not offering any incentive in exchange for the prospect’s info – what you are interested in – is useless. It can make you waste golden opportunities to get the best opt-in leads.

2. Being too intrusive

For multiple reasons, people think twice before sharing personal data. If you ask too much information of your prospects, you may unintentionally drive them away from your sales funnel. And speaking about sharing information…

3. Not Complying with Privacy Policies

Sharing sensitive data is a risk that your prospects take every time they share their personal data, and they know of it.

For this reason, take time to make your potential opt-in leads know that you compel with Privacy Policies, and you will not share or sell their sensitive data with third-parties.

5 Content Formats to Collect Better Qualified Opt-In Leads

1. Online Quizzes

Quizzes convert very well and help you to gather first-class opt-in leads. Why? Because people love getting insights about themselves. And you get more than an email address, but valuable information you can use to create better marketing content and offers.

2. Free Reports and Digital Downloads

Using free reports as lead magnets is one of the simplest ways to generate opt-in leads. The premise is simple and effective: Where would you like me to send the free report?

This simple question is all it takes to get prospects to provide their email address and name – as long as you have a compelling opt-in offer.

3. Live and Automated Webinars

Webinars are a powerful content marketing formats. Even though creating and launching webinars requires time and effort, the rewards are worth it.

Automated webinars help you to keep your prospects on your sales funnel longer especially if you have a well crafted opt-in follow-up sequence.

Not convinced about using webinars to generate leads? No problem! Keep reading. There are other options, such as…

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are another highly convertible content format that helps you to build your email list with qualified opt-in leads.

Among the advantages of using podcasts is that the format is easier to handle, and the same as the webinars, they help you keep engaged your audiences, always waiting for more valuable content. What’s even better, you get to leverage someone else’s audience. all you have to do is show up and be brilliant.

5. Free Consultation Opt-In Page

Free consultation offers are a standard option for converting qualified opt-in leads into clients – especially if you are selling high-ticket products or services. People that request a consult are typically more “ready” to buy than  other prospects.

With the right copy, your free consultation page by itself has the potential of attracting your ideal prospects. A free consultation lead page encompasses one big purpose: convert potential leads to concrete sales. You’ll want to optimize your lead page with your calendar tool and be clear about what prospects can expect.

Wrapping Up: Opt-in Leads + Content Formats That Build The Best Mailing List

Now the million-dollar question: which one works better for your specific campaigns? The right answer here is to find the best combination that works for your audience. Keep these stats in mind to create the best campaigns:

Content Format

Rate of Conversion


White Papers/Case Studies












Social Media with Images



Combining formats to build the most efficient mailing lists is the best strategy for conversion. Whether you want to entertain, inform, educate or inspire with your content, your goal should always be to convert them into paying clients.

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