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9 Ways to Optimize Your Opt-in Landing Page

Your opt-in landing page has one purpose: to get your prospects to subscribe to your list. The entire page comprises sales copy (or a video) that entices people to join your list and an opt-in form. There are no sidebars, no articles, no navigation menu – nothing to distract them. (Click here to see our newest opt-in new page.)

A brilliantly crafted opt-in landing page outlines what they will receive for signing up. By directing their focus on the benefits of subscribing to your list, your opt-in rates will improve. When done right, you can expect an opt-in rate as high as 30%. A poor opt-in page will have an opt-in rate lower than 7% (and sometimes none at all). 

Now you can’t just paste a form on your opt-in landing page and expect people to fall all over themselves in a big rush to give you their contact information. You need to create an effective opt-in landing page.

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page

1. Create professional graphics

People judge a book by its cover, which is why you want to make your web design and your product graphics are all high quality and professional. If you can’t do this yourself, then hire a good graphic person to create high-impact graphics for you. Fivrr has some amazing talent that can help with this.

2. Use a proven template

One reason sites like ClickFunnels and Thrive Themes are so popular is they have tested templates that you can use. If designing is not your thing, not having to start from scratch will save you time and frustration. Swap out the colors, add your copy, and you are good to go.

3. Craft an attention-getting headline

You need to pull out your big guns and put your biggest headline right at the top of the page. Don’t make your VIPs read lots of texts just to know what you are offering them.

Place the main benefit in the headline or the main image above the fold. Answer this question: what will your prospects get if they join your list and use your lead magnet?

For example, “You’re about to discover a breakthrough lead generation strategy almost no one is talking about—and if you act now, you can get this information for  FREE!”

4. Offer a benefit-rich sub-headline

You have your prospect’s attention. Now toss another benefit to them to keep their eyes glued to your copy.

For example: “Now you too can find out how to get 10,000 new cash-in-hand prospects on your list with ONE Facebook ad (and without spending thousands of dollars a month!

5. Highlight the lead magnet’s value

When they arrive at your opt-in page, it should be 100% clear why they are there. Is your offer going to help them get more clients? Are you going to tell them what mistakes to avoid? 

Highlight the benefits. You need to be clear when stating them and boldly display them up. A good way to build value is to include a bulleted list of the top benefits. Remember, this is a sales letter, so focus on the benefits and outcomes your prospects will receive when they join your list.

For example: “You’ll find out the top 5 lead generation mistakes most entrepreneurs make. (You’re probably doing #4.)”

6. Promise instant delivery

People want instant gratification, so emphasize, and let them know they’ll get instant access to the product just as soon as they submit their information.

7. Craft a strong call to action

Expecting prospects to fill out your opt-in form just because the form is sitting right in front of them is a newbie mistake. You need to tell prospects exactly what you want them to do next, and why they should do it right now.

For example: “To get started, enter your name and email address in the form below, click submit, and you’ll get instant access to our free guide!”

8. Provide a privacy policy

People are afraid you will take their emails, sell them, and they’ll get spammed forever. Be sure to offer a privacy policy so that prospects know exactly how you’ll use their information (and how you’ll keep it safe).

9. Test what works best

One reason many people struggle with marketing is that they don’t test things. There are many layouts and approaches you can take when creating an opt-in page.

Create two different pages if you can (with different headlines, benefits, layouts, colors, images, and even different privacy statements). Then offer both to see which one attracts more of your ideal audience.

ClickFunnels and Thrive Themes have A/B testing, which makes this brilliantly easy.

Get More Traffic Now!

Implementing these 9 tips optimizes your opt-in landing page. Combined with an outstanding opt-in offer and you are now ready to drive traffic to your page.

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