Four Practical Ways to Build a Profitable List

Four Practical Ways to Build a Profitable Email List

You’ve spent time. money and energy to build your email list. Now it’s time to get a return on your investment.


Building a profitable email list isn’t difficult: Here’s the trick – in order to use your email list – you need to have one!

Wise business owners and solopreneurs realize that their opt-in list is their direct access to interested prospects. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to generate leads – but your email list is where the magic happens – over and over again.

For lead generation, social networking is like playing the field – lots of connections, some fleeting, some that last a little longer. But when someone subscribes to your email list, the commitment level has gotten an upgrade.

The more you can fill your list with genuinely interested leads from your target market (not only readers), the more profit potential you are creating.

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If you’re just starting out or if you’re getting ready to launch a new product or service, you most probably want to grow your list quickly. Here are a few tips for list building to help you make it happen:

#1 – How to Build a Profitable Email List with Partnerships

Stop trying to build your list in a silo. You can speed up the growth of your list exponentially when you team up with others (like members of the List Building and Lead Generation group on Facebook). For instance, partnering up has several benefits:

  • Two heads instead of one thinking of a creative campaign.
  • You will be able to cast a wider net over two different networking circles instead of only one.
  • Offering increased value to subscribers by having more content to give them
  • Immediate exposure to a group that you would otherwise need to work months to find and gain access to.

You can work together to create the giveaway or you both contribute individual items to the giveaway.

Like this, you both promote the giveaway on your websites and through your existing marketing techniques. And finally, you both share the email list. Make sure that your subscribers know they’re signing up for two sites.

Another alternative: Ask an associate to share your offer with their list. In exchange you can pay them per sign-up or referral – it’s like a mini-affiliate program.

#2 – Grow Your List with Profit with PPC or Facebook Ads

Ads are a great way to drive very targeted traffic to your opt-in page. They’re cost-effective when you focus on unique keywords and keyword phrases. The key with ads is to focus on a single keyword phrase for each ad. Facebook ads work especially well when you narrow down even further by targeting specific demographics.

If you manage a Facebook Page, you can use insights to see where your heavy traffic is coming from. (Think of Insights like Google Analytics for Facebook). If your targeted-goal is well defined, Facebook ads are extremely cost-effective.

In addition, don’t market your opt-in list. Rather, promote your giveaway offer.

For example, if you have a parenting website, then you’ll want to motivate your visitors to sign up for your email by giving them something valuable in exchange. Consider an ebook or checklists to make basic parenting chores quick and easy.

#3 – Use Your Social Network

If you have invested a good deal of time building up a great network online – put your network to work.

Your social network can spread the word about your opt-in offer around across the globe in a matter of minutes, making building a profitable email list of warm leads easier.

In addition to sharing great content (yours and others), make sure you’re promoting your giveaway. On each social networking platform you choose, highlight the main benefits of your giveaway. What will people learn? How will their problems be solved? How will things improve for them?

#4 – Promote your email list opportunity with some basic online marketing tactics.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Write a dozen articles and submit them as guest posts. In your author’s bio box include a link to your opt-in page.
  • Link to your opt-in page on your Facebook profile, email signature, and blog comments.
  • In handouts, you create for speaking engagements or training sessions, include a link to your opt-in page.
  • Make sure your email newsletters’ contents inspire people to share.
  • Include a link to your lead magnet on your business card.

Growing your opt-in list is a matter of planning and focus. Create a top-notch giveaway, tell everyone about it and watch your opt-in list grow. 

Were these tips helpful?

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