5 Reasons Content Creation is a Priority

5 Reasons Content Creation is a Top Priority for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

I’ve been in love with content creation since my first article was published in the Philadelphia Tribune – I was just 8 years old. It’s even one reason I became a teacher. Teachers get to create content (lessons) and share it with people (students) to help them achieve an outcome (grow and expand their capabilities).

So it’s no wonder that creating content for and with my clients is something I love to do.

For many service-based entrepreneurs content creation is one of those things on the “I wish I had more time to do this,” list.

Now if you have more ideal clients than you can handle – great! But if you are squirreling around on Facebook and Twitter sharing lots of links to other people’s content and posting your offer everywhere – I want you to stop and take a deep breath. Let this message seep into your soul: Content creation IS critical to driving traffic to attract the clients you want to work with – the ones you need to serve.

Here are 5 reasons why service-based entrepreneurs are making content creation a top priority:

#1 – Most of your ideal clients don’t know they need you yet

In Wealth Through Workshops, a brilliant woman wrote that only 3% of your ideal clients are actively looking for you. 30% of your ideal audience is not looking to buy at all.

The rest fall between being open to your solutions and being unaware that they need you at all. What can turn that 67% into paying clients? Education-Based Marketing.

This is something I’ve been explaining to my clients for years. Marketing is about helping your ideal clients understand that they:

  1. Have a problem,
  2. There’s a solution,
  3. You have the solution, and
  4. Your solution is the best one for them.

Bottom line: Creating content, whether for your blog or a free workshop to educate your audience is a brilliant move.

#2 – People buy from people they know, like, and trust

Relevant content can help you check off all three things: Sharing your expertise through webinars, interviews, your blog and even at offline events is how people get to recognize you.

Sharing ideas and experiences through your newsletter, blog and social networks is how people get to like you. When you combine your experience and expertise to help your ideal prospects make an informed decision and learn something new – that’s how you establish credibility.

#3 – Content creation helps you stand out in your field

The online world is full to the rafters. So the more you create and curate content relevant to your audience’s needs – the stronger your signal and the brighter your light shines – attracting your VIPs.

I’m not talking about viral videos or beautiful Pinterest posts with deep, meaningful quotes – those may be good to have. What I’m talking about here is having a solid strategy for how you use content to engage and enroll and follow-up with your clients is how you will stand out.

Lots of people have YouTube channels and it’s simple to publish a book or start a podcast. It’s knowing how to use the content you create to direct your audience through your sales funnel that will make you stand out.

#4 – Real buyers are hungry for niche-specific content

If you look for conversions and not just shares, “likes” or YouTube comments – creating content specific to your audience is key. Create niche-specific content.

For example, there are hundreds of sites, posts, and videos on how to use Facebook.

But if you are a yoga instructor, tips on how to use Facebook ads to reach local executive women are much more helpful than a generic post on 10 things you need to know about Facebook.

(HINT: If you don’t have a defined audience, you need to work on this first. If you feel lost or stuck, I can help you.)

#5 – You already have it

The best source of highly valuable content is your ideas, experience, and expertise – or as I like to call it your Bankable Brilliance.

Probably you still aren’t aware of that, but believe me, you have it. Your best content is in your head, posted on your blog, or hand-scrawled in the many notebooks in your office.

The trick is to learn how to transform it into easily digestible content that your audience will love. (And it’s even better when you learn how to turn what you know into products you can sell!)

How can you use this information to make a SHIFT in your marketing?

  • Stop creating random content without a strategy, create a content marketing plan.
  • Create thoughtful, relevant content based on your experience and expertise.
  • Learn the art of reusing and repurposing your content into multiple forms.
  • Invest in learning how to make content a consistent part of your marketing strategy.
  • Speed up your content marketing integration by working with a content creation strategist to help you write for your audience and establish a content creation process that fits your needs.

Are you serious about reaching more people, changing more lives and growing your wealth? Make content creation and curation a regular part of your marketing routine.


19 thoughts on “5 Reasons Content Creation is a Top Priority for Service-Based Entrepreneurs”

  1. Angie K. Millgate

    Tai, thank you for these great pointers. I, too, have been a content generator all my life, but I had never thought of making a content marketing plan! Cool idea!

    1. Hi Angie, Being able to tie my content to marketing events, products I am releasing, and events I am trying to fill has worked great at attracting more people.

  2. What an awesome post. This was really helpful to me and a great reminder about how to be conscious when creating content. I can tell you are quite good at it and have inspired me!

  3. Some very useful points Tia! The content on my Wellness blog is usually early morning inspiration. The other one ‘Trail Spots …’ might evolve soon and I just might need a content planner. I’ve got your number/ address/ page! 🙂

  4. Tai–
    Fabulous article! You really break it down, in no uncertain terms, why people should be using content. There’s no argument against this!

  5. Five super points, Tai! I love creating content, too, and see it as part of a bigger mission: “value creation”. Whether through content, education, emotion-laden messages or clever ads, a prospect want to know the value you deliver is bigger than the investment they’ll make. In your case, it’s an easy choice to make!

    1. It makes a difference when you love something. Lots of coaches and holistic practitioners struggle because content creation is not their first love. If that’s the case – that’s when it’s time to partner with a coach or content strategist so you are not missing out on giving your VIPs what they want. (BTW – I am a content strategist. Shameless plug #It’sMyBlog)

  6. Important points and tips, Tai. Once one understands one’s ideal client and focuses on their concerns, the Muse provides relevant and useful content ideas and everyone wins – the writer who wants to provide value and the reader who returns and returns.

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