Too Many Business Ideas? Here’s How to Choose.

Browsing the internet is dangerous for me; I find business ideas everywhere.

The rush of discovering new information, a new tool, or service is like a drug to those of us who LOVE new stuff.

One brilliantly titled headline and I am just like Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole begrudgingly finding my way back to the surface after an hour (or two) of exploration. Sometimes I end up finding amazing resources other times it’s a real time waster. And then there are times when the overload of new business ideas and information leads to mental paralysis and indecision.

Have you ever been there? I bet you have. I often have clients tell me they have so may ideas and interests and possible directions that it’s hard to choose which way to go. They spin their wheels searching for the one absolute holy grail of insight that will tell them which idea they should pursue. Maybe there will be a sign from an article they read, a conversation with a mentor, a serendipitous tweet that shows up in their Twitter stream – anything that will help them make a decision.

While it can be exciting to have so many options, it can also be overwhelming if you don’t have a system for choosing and taking action.

When too many business ideas have whipped me into a mentally chaotic state that keeps me from moving forward, I get clarity by focusing on two simple questions:

  • What now?
  • What next?

The answer to “what now?” focuses my attention on the next milestone I am working towards. Right now, we are focused on rolling out DFY services to help my clients who are brilliant at what they do, but hate the tech side fo marketing and content creation. Because I want this to succeed, I restructured my entire business to make the space to focus on building the Momentum Agency.

The answer to “what’s next?” gives me the opportunity to dream without feeling like I have to move onto something else right now. I’ve learned the hard way that timing is everything: Just because I have the idea now, that doesn’t mean that now is the time to pursue it. Sometimes things need to percolate. If I jump too soon, I become out of alignment and get frustrated when things don’t come together with ease.

Are you having a tough time trying to choose which business ideas to pursue?

If you have a clearly identified, written vision for the life and business you want, it will be easy to pick out what your “Now” milestone is. If you don’t have a clear vision of your destination, confusion and indecisiveness about the path you take is inevitable: you can’t create a map to a place that doesn’t exist. Every day you spend distracted by idea overload is another day you put off creating the life and business you really want.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Keep note of your ideas  – write them down in a sketch pad or notebook, and stop trying to make a decision until you’ve gotten crystal clear about what really matters to you and what the big picture is for your life.

Step 2: Take my quiz, What Type of Entrepreneur Are You? It will give you some amazing insight into the best type of business and offerings for you. It will save you time, money, and energy spent on a business that feels like a dead end job instead of the joy of being your own boss.

Step 3: Sign up for my free training: Turn Your Brilliance Into a Bankable Business. In this live training, I breakdown exactly how to choose the right business model and share the sabotages so many smart women fall into when choosing to step into entrepreneurship. Click here to register for the next class.

Step 4: Once you take the quiz and the training, you will be equipped and empowered to choose a bankable business idea that is 100% aligned with how you like to operate. No more guess work. No more waiting. No more burning out because you are offering the wrong things. You’ll know what to offer – and as long as you have prospective clients, you can start monetizing your idea immediately.

Now if you are stuck trying to figure out where to find your ideal clients and how to get them to say yes – I’ve got something that can help you with that too. But for now, let’s get you set up with the right type of business first.

4 thoughts on “Too Many Business Ideas? Here’s How to Choose.”

  1. Oh this is SO SO SO me. I feel paralyzed by my startup ideas. I have too many. I also know where I want to go in life – that’s not the problem. The problem is that every time I start heading in a certain direction (sometimes months worth of work), it takes me to a point where it’s not clear that I am headed in the right direction (competition, possibility of raising funding, etc. etc. – many reasons). Then I start doubting the whole idea and start retracing my steps (mentally) to where I started and try to head down a new path while putting the first path on hold. This goes on and on. I need help or my head will explode. I do believe I am very creative with ideas, very (over?) analytical, multiple-award winner so I know execution too, but I am struggling with the decision-making.

    1. Are you struggling with decision-making or commitment? It sounds like you are able to make a decision, but when things come up that you are unsure about, you see that as a sign that you are not on the right path. There is another way to look at it: Those things that come up are he growing phases of your journey that will help shape your purpose. Try this, the next time you fee, unclear, don’t change course; ask for guidance and answers to what you should do next. Seek out answers that will drive you forward rather than have you start over from scratch. You might also e struggling because you are relying only on things you know how to do or feel comfortable doing. Making progress will require that you learn a new skill or find someone that can help you get what you need, whether it’s access, funding, partnerships, or introductions.

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